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Public Attributes

sqlite3_module Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int iVersion
int(* xBegin )(sqlite3_vtab *pVTab)
int(* xBestIndex )(sqlite3_vtab *pVTab, sqlite3_index_info *)
int(* xClose )(sqlite3_vtab_cursor *)
int(* xColumn )(sqlite3_vtab_cursor *, sqlite3_context *, int)
int(* xCommit )(sqlite3_vtab *pVTab)
int(* xConnect )(sqlite3 *, void *pAux, int argc, const char *const *argv, sqlite3_vtab **ppVTab, char **)
int(* xCreate )(sqlite3 *, void *pAux, int argc, const char *const *argv, sqlite3_vtab **ppVTab, char **)
int(* xDestroy )(sqlite3_vtab *pVTab)
int(* xDisconnect )(sqlite3_vtab *pVTab)
int(* xEof )(sqlite3_vtab_cursor *)
int(* xFilter )(sqlite3_vtab_cursor *, int idxNum, const char *idxStr, int argc, sqlite3_value **argv)
int(* xFindFunction )(sqlite3_vtab *pVtab, int nArg, const char *zName, void(**pxFunc)(sqlite3_context *, int, sqlite3_value **), void **ppArg)
int(* xNext )(sqlite3_vtab_cursor *)
int(* xOpen )(sqlite3_vtab *pVTab, sqlite3_vtab_cursor **ppCursor)
int(* xRename )(sqlite3_vtab *pVtab, const char *zNew)
int(* xRollback )(sqlite3_vtab *pVTab)
int(* xRowid )(sqlite3_vtab_cursor *, sqlite3_int64 *pRowid)
int(* xSync )(sqlite3_vtab *pVTab)
int(* xUpdate )(sqlite3_vtab *, int, sqlite3_value **, sqlite3_int64 *)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 4766 of file sqlite3.c.

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